That is a pretty loaded question and one you probably really didn’t think about.

A few months ago I was asked if I trusted my ability to make money. To replace the money I was spending with making money in my business.

I truly didn’t ever think of it like that. I knew I could get a job and bring home a paycheck. But I didn’t ever think of my business as being a consistent source of income even though I have made consistent money in my business.

I didn’t connect the dots. I mean really connect the dots.

For me, it comes from years of my Dad telling me that I needed to have a job.

But, in reality we quit our jobs or want to quit our jobs to make money doing our businesses.

Women tend to want to help everyone whether that individual can pay for the service or not.

Women also do not like talking about money.

So, let’s get real about this and put another perspective on it!

We went into to business to make money. If making money is not a priority than we have a lovely hobby
And you are broke or nearly broke.

It is completely ok to ask to be paid and paid handsomely for the services or products we sell.

Actually, you are supposed to paid for them
It’s time to look at this a different way! I mean how you view money and making money!

Ladies, you need to love and respect your money! Make friends with your money!

Money is a wonderful thing. You can do so much more in your business and life when you are making money.

It starts with simple respect. How you handle money and view money.

How do you feel when you go shopping? Do you enjoy shopping or dread it because hate seeing your bank account shrink?

How do you react when your bills come in? Do you dread opening them or are you thankful because the bills meant you were helping people?

When you have money…is it placed nicely in your wallet or do you through it around?

When someone pays you do you act on the transaction promptly and put the money in the right bank account?

Years ago, I took a long look at all of this. I still visit this each day to ensure I have it in check.

I journal about this everyday to ensure I stay in the right place with my money. My hopes, fears, dreams and what I want to do with my money.

I work on my love and respect of money.

The title of this is “Do You Trust in Your Ablility to Make Money?

Do you believe that you and you alone can make money?

You have to believe in yourself or it just won’t happen
One of my mentors told me one day to make a list of 50 ways you can make money. The task was daunting and I really didn’t understand what this was supposed to do for me.

What it does….it pushes you to think and then believe in your ability to make money.

Truly Believe in Your Ability to Make Money!

You discover no matter what happens you know you can make money.

I highly recommend that you challenge yourself to make this list. I created a document to make it easy to get started under files.

I also created a list of all the ways I could make money in my business alone. All the programs and services I can create. This list is always changing as I implement and think of new ways to make money.

When you get lost or don’t know what you are going to do next in your business, you always have a list of what you can do.

You always know and trust in your ability to make money.

Making money is Easy!

Please keep it that way!

Lots of love,


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I have spent the last few days doing a lot of STINKING THINKING.

This is simply when your thinking is off in a very bad way and you just STOP doing all the things you want to do to grow your business.

More specifically, you have a conversation in your head that looks like this…

“What the hell do you think you are doing girl!?!”

“No one wants your stuff!”

“No one thinks you can do this!”

“You must be crazy!”

“Who would want to work with you?”

“You’re not good enough!”

And the list goes on!

Well…Get used to it!

This is normal and natural.  You will have this conversation often through the course of your business.

I have it often because I move quickly.

When you actually make a decision to start taking your business seriously and doing your business,

When you are growing,

When you are up-levelling in anyway,

It feels like the world is crashing down on you that everyone and everything is simply against you.

Knowing this is half the battle.

Becoming aware of your STINKING THINKING and that it will happen is half the battle.

Then conquering it is actually winning the battle.


The Universe is testing you to see you are truly ready for the next step in your business and life.

NEW LEVEL – NEW DEVIL is what they say.

Here is the really good News….YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Everyone one goes through this.   I go through it often!

So what do you do about it?

How do you conquer the STINKING THINKING crap and all the tests that come along with it?

Simple….Make a choice to keep moving!

Ask for the lessons to less painful and keep moving; read a book, learn something new but keep moving.

The bad phase will stop.

Unfortunately, it will happen again, and again and again.   Each time it will be easier to get through.

It does get easier each time because you are becoming AWARE of what the stinking thinking looks like for you.

You are learning how to deal with you and what works for you.

The truly beautiful thing about all this is…

On the other side of all of it is PURE MAGIC!

New clients appear
New opportunities appear
Your business grows
You grow

So look the STINKING THINKING square in the face – YOU

Tell yourself to smarten up



Your Tribe will love you for it.

You will love yourself for it.

The Magic will begin.

Lots of Love!

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Fall is in the air here in Canada.   The leaves are turning to beautiful shades of oranges and reds.

Everything is so pretty which gives me a ton of inspiration.

So I decided to take a good look at how my final quarter is shaping up; have I reached my goals so far, what new would I like to do, what end of the year programs I would like to offer and of course am I on track with making the money I want.

With all these good vibes and positivity going on you would think nothing could get in the way.


The nay-sayer appeared with their version of what they think I should be doing.

Yes, they think they are well intentioned….but really….are they?

Absolutely not!

The nay-sayers don’t just appear right in front of you.  They can appear to you on-line in your facebook group, Linked in group, Twitter account, just about anywhere.

They want to knock you on your ASS and stop you in your tracks!


There will always be someone in business or your personal life that is well intentioned and think they know what is best for you?

They will tell you…

You are crazy!
You can’t do that!
You can’t or won’t make it!
Your Dream is stupid!
You need a Coach!
You need a website!
You won’t make any money!
You need to do this or that!

You don’t need all that.

All you need is YOU!

You have everything you need right now, in this moment to build the business you want, the life you want!

You have everything inside of you right now to bring to you all the clients and resources you want!

You have your own unique gifts, talents and genius that the world is waiting for.

All you need to add to all those beautiful gifts is some action.

Until next time…

Lots of Love!



OK, so the nay-sayers have got you down a bit!  So what!

Let’s kicked them to the curb!

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Today, I want to share a piece of my story.  It comes with a very big lesson from the Universe.

I started my business over 7 years ago.  I have a lot of success, a lot of failures and I have worked with people all over the world to get the results they want.

About 2 years ago I went through a lot of changes – some good some bad.

I up-leveled where I lived which came with a lot more expenses, celebrated the birth a new little one in the family, had some devastating news about my son and lost my father to cancer.   A lot was going on.  I mean lots.

During this time I got lost.  I forgot why I was business and who I was supposed to help.  Mostly I lost myself and who I was.

While I was trying to figure all this out I started losing everything I worked so hard to create.  Within 2 weeks I lost all my clients which lead to my money fear setting in.  I felt even more lost than ever.

I thought the answer to everything was to get a job.  So I got a job.  At first I thought it was a perfect job for me.  It was a nice little family business that the owner had built from scratch.  Perfect! I can work and help this business.  Boy was I wrong.  It took 3 – 4 hours a day to travel back and forth to the job and cost $300 a month.   The Vice President of the company only wanted someone to come do the work and leave.  There was absolutely no room to suggest changes or show her a different way to do business.

The job started to literally kill my heart and my soul.

Earlier this year I turned 49.  That’s when it all changed for me. I knew there was a better way.  There was more that I was supposed to be doing.  I kept getting nudges to start my business again.

I ignored it all.

Finally, the Universe had enough of me not doing anything about it, that I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing.  So, the Universe put crap in my way to make me sit up and smarten up!

Here’s what happened!

My son was in the hospital because he wanted to kill himself.  I just about lost my shit!

My boss gave me shit for not coming to work.  I kept my mouth shut and took action to change things – to get out of this job.


You have to find your purpose…your calling and start living it or crap will get in your way.  Really bad shit can happen.


YOU have a purpose in your life.

YOU have gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world.

The world is waiting for YOU!

Learn from my crap….GET STARTED!

It only takes on very small step to get moving.

Once you do the Magic will happen

Find you message and your voice and start screaming from the roof tops.

Simply, you are perfect and ready just as you are to create the life you want.

Don’t let anyone stop you!

It is exactly what I started doing and I am much happier for it.  At times it is scary but that is normal.

Let the magic begin!

Lots of Love!

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