Starting out in business there is so much to do!
So much to learn!
So many things you thing you need before you can even make a sale!
Well, honestly there are very few things you actually need.
You do not need…
a website
a business card
fancy marketing funnels
fancy sales funnels
Or whatever else you may think you need. These things are nice to have’s once you are calling your desired clients and income.
Here are the things that you do need.
1. YOU
Obviously! You wouldn’t have a business if you did not run it. Here is what I mean by this and what not a lot of coaches are telling you.
You are good enough
You do have everything need inside you right now to start your business or make a move in your business
You are worthy
Your business idea or new idea is important and needed
Yes, you can do this.
2. You need to know what you want
I talk to so many women all over the world who really do not know what they want. They spend so much time taking care of everyone else that they forget that they can have what they want.
Now, you will hear conflicting stories about this. Some coaches will say you have to be completely clear about this. Really you don’t. You just have to have an idea.
When I started in business 10 years ago all I knew is that I wanted to help people. I didn’t know how or who or what service I was going to offer.
None of that.
As I took starting doing different things in my business – I gained clarity. As I learned new things – I gained clarity. The key in this one is to start taking action. One small step at a time and the way or how will show up.
3. Mindset
Every day you have to work on your mindset including your money mindset.
I completely believe in the Power of the Pen. It is really called the Law of Pen which states whatever you write will come to fruition much quicker. So I journal! I have a special book that I bought for all my thoughts. I literally write my life to existence, my fears to squashed, all my whacked out thinking to be set right.
There are many ways to work on your mindset besides journaling; visualization, meditating, vision boards, Tapping/EFT, many different ways to work on your mindset.
You just have to figure out what works best for you.
You also have to work on your money mindset. I do separate work each day on this as well.
How you feel about your money is very important
You have to work out the kinks to start loving your money and respecting it or you will be broke forever.
4. Messaging and Content
Each day you have to share with your tribe your message and your content. If you do not how will they know if you can help them.
Share it everywhere; your blog, Facebook group, other Facebook group, email list, LinkedIn, Instagram, just about anywhere your peeps are hanging out.
You can also comment on posts, help people, offer free stuff, offer a free consultation.
The point of all this is to build your like, know, trust factor. People get to know YOU and if you can help them so they will buy from you.
5. Sales
Now this is where a lot of coaches fall short.
There is absolutely no problem in business that a few sales will not fix.
If you want to make money in your business or even have a business you have to sell.
And if you are wondering what you can sell every single day….well…your 1:1 services, an intensive, a strategy session, a VIP day, create a product that is low end and put it on autopilot. These are just a few to help you get started.
Focus on these things first before getting a fancy website or any of those other bells and whistles.
Lots of Love!
Loretta Morrison
Business Strategist


Its 3am in the morning….you wake up sweating, terrified….the rent is due tomorrow, your son has a class trip that needs to be paid, car insurance is due and the list goes on.
You have tried everything to make your business work, free programs and challenges, group programs even a 1:1 Coach that just did not cut it for you.
Why hasn’t anything worked for you?
Because…you haven’t the right voice, the right strategy for you!
Most importantly you still lack in clarity about your ideal client, programs you offer and pricing.
Even more important you need and want accountability to get things done once and for all.
You want consistent clients which brings you consistent income.
And you want it now or even better yesterday!
This is why a created a 1: 1 coaching program called ACCELERATE
This program will give you CLARITY around
Your ideal client you love and who loves you
The services you provide that will have her raising her hand to work with you
Pricing your services that feels true to you
How to sell your service with ease and true to your soul
A strategy that is designed just for you
I invite you set up a time to speak to me to see if this program is right for you
Especially if you are not calling in your ideal client and income consistently.
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Clarity is Key….So They Say

I invest highly in myself and my business.  I do this because it works…For Me!  I started with books, small group coaching programs, big group coaching programs, and then a 1 to 1 coach which has been more amazing than I can tell you.

Investing keeps me and my business growing.

It also means I uplevel fast!

You know what they say.  New level – New devil.

And sometimes we just have to stop, collect our thoughts, regroup to gain clarity in what is coming next.

Clarity is truly the key to actually get to where you want to go.

If you are a new coach this is probably the toughest piece to figure out.  There is so much…Right!?!

It can be very simple is you just take the pressure off, let down your resistance and just go with the flow.

Learning who is your ideal client, what programs you offer and your pricing will come that much easier to you.

Relax and have fun with it.

For those of us who have been in business for awhile still have issues with seeing clearly.  Stop and take a look at yourself, what you are doing, what you are not doing.

What is the one thing you are not doing?  This is the key to your clarity and your success.

Let down your resistance and watch the magic happen.

Lots of Love

Revenue Generation Specialist for Coaches



I am Loretta Morrison, Revenue Generation Special for Female Coaches.  I work with female Coaches a to get clear, get confident, get clients so that she can start making consistent money in 3 months or less!

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Call in Consistent Income

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This is offer is for a very short time. So, let’s get asking.

Lot’s of Love!
Loretta Morrison

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Money Generating Activities

You hear so many times that you should focus on the money generating activities in your business.


No one actually tells you what this means. I literally had to figure this out on my own in the early days of business.

Money Generating Activities are the things you do in your business that will bring you money. You should be doing at least 10 money generating activities a day.

Specifically, what are these activities?

I created a list of Money Generating Activities and posted it in my group.

If you like the list click on the link below, join the group and grab the list along with the other resources that are there.

Enjoy and have fun!

Lots of love!


I am Loretta Morrison.  I work with Female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear get confident get clients to make money in 3 months or less!

If you would like to see how I can help you and to see we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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This is one of many powerful commercials that plays during the Olympics.

It started me thinking about what an entrepreneur and all the athletes have in common.

We all started out with a Dream and Vision to…

  • To start and make it happen
  • To work hard each day
  • To do whatever was needed to be done no matter what it took
  • To work through the pain, triumphs and fear
  • To be completely committed to our Dream and Vision

And most of all we wanted it all NOW!

Not one of us knew if we were going to make it or knew what the journey would look like.

The important thing is…we started our impossible and have not stopped.

We will not stop until we have reached our finish line!

Breakfree and Profit Strategy Session

This is a 30 minute session for COACHES who are READY…

  • To do the work NOW!
  • To take action NOW!
  • To get consistent clients NOW!
  • To make consistent money NOW!
  • To invest time and money NOW!

I will walk you through what is holding you back right now and what you can do immediately to start making money.

If you are READY, schedule time with me NOW using the link below.


Decision Making

We hear all the time that your success is just a decision away.  Or you just have to make a decision to do it and everything you need will appear.

Well, what the heck does that mean!

This stumped me for a long time.

Then I read this quote by Tony Robbins.

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.

Let me explain this a bit further so it is clear.

You made a decision to really go all in-in your business for 2018. To do this really do this you have to take different action then you previously did or you really haven’t made the decision.

Behind everything you want, do or decide it all requires ACTION.

Once you do this, clients will show up, opportunities will show up, money will show up and lots of other things.

So what do you do when you’ve made the decision and you are not bombarded with loads of opportunities?

How do you decide what opportunities are right for you?

Here are 4 questions that can help you determine what is right for you.

You are looking for 3 yeses and 1 no.

  1. Is this something I want to be, do, or have?
  2. Is being, doing, or having this going to tame me closer to my goals?
  3. Is being, doing or having this in harmony with the laws of the Universe?
  4. Is being, doing or having this going to violate the rights of others?

If you answer with 3 yeses and 1 no than the opportunity is right for you.


You should jump on it right away.

As a entrepreneur we have to learn to make decision quickly or we simply will get left behind.  Learning how to do this effectively is half the battle.

What decisions are you not making that are holding you back?

Where do you need to get into action to really make 2018 a banner year for You?


Lots of Love!
Loretta Morrison
Canada’s Empire Creation Coach


I am Loretta Morrison, Canada’s Empire Creation Coach.  I work with female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear, get confident, get clients to build their Empires!

If you would like to see how I can help you and to see we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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Mindset is one of those things that used to stump me when I first started out in business.

I remember being at a networking event where another coach was speaking on mindset.  She asked all of us what we thought mindset was and she wanted any other coaches in the audience to speak up.

I said nothing, simply because I didn’t know what mindset was.

Mindset is simply what you believe a situation will be like.

If you think starting your business will be hard then it will be hard.  If you think it will be easy then it will be easy.

Our mindset comes from our belief systems.  We learn to belief things from our experiences and our environment.

The most difficult mindset issues women have is about money!

And it is the hardest mindset issue to change!


It can be changed!

The easiest way to change your mindset is by JOURNALING.

Writing about how you feel about something is very powerful.  Writing the truth about something is very powerful.

It is called the Law of the Pen.  I call it the Power of Pen.

The Law of the Pen is simply this…what we write comes to fruition quicker than anything else we will do.

With that in mind…

If you journal daily about what you want, your fears, what you want to do today or tomorrow things will happen much faster.

I also want to add that journaling is just not about getting a pretty book and writing all the perfect things in life.

It is about getting that pretty book and writing everything about your life, the good and the bad.

Use your journal for everything; your hopes, dreams, fears and anything else you are called to do.

Use it to change your mindset.

Most importantly….

Have fun!

Until tomorrow…
Lots of love!
Loretta Morrison
Canada’s Empire Creation Coach


I am Loretta Morrison, Canada’s Empire Creation Coach.  I work with female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear, get confident, get clients to build their Empires!

If you would like to see how I can help you and to see we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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Business Breakthrough Strategy Session

I know there are a few of you out there who are still struggling to figure out what 2018 will hold for you.

What your next step will be to simply breakthrough and start making the money you want to make.

What you should be doing/focusing on each day to bring in more clients – consistently.

I have been very lucky and blessed over the years to have spoken with 100’s of business women around the world who stepped up and said “I need a fresh pair of eyes on my situation.  I need help”.

Here is what Jeannette Koczela had to say

“Loretta is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in how to run a profitable business. During our coaching session, she gave me many valuable ideas and advice that I was able to apply to my business immediately. The suggestions she gave me really helped me move my business forward and I highly recommend her services. She generously shares her expertise in her complementary coaching sessions and any serious solopreneur should take advantage of this service.”

Ladies, join me to get a fresh perspective on your business and really start making money in 2018.

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Lots of love!


One day you stepped out into the world and started your own business. You truly believed it was going to easy. You got up every day, went to a day job and made money for someone else.

You figured I can do this for myself.

You had lots of confidence about what you were doing.

Probably not quite sure exactly how it was going to happen but you had a vision.

You were confident!

You were excited!

You were ready!

No one told you it was going to take work, hard work, and work every day!

Amongst all this work you got lost in the work and your business.

Most importantly you for about YOU and what you wanted.

The most important person in your business is YOU. Your business starts and ends with YOU.

So what you want is VERY important!


Four very small words but most women I come across cannot answer the question.

When I ask this question I get 3 responses: “I don’t know”, “I want financial freedom and time freedom”, or an off the cuff what that person thinks I want to hear response.

“I don’t know”. A lot of people really don’t know what they want. As women we are too busy taking care of everyone else that we have lost what we really want.

You do know. You just haven’t really put a lot of thought in it.
Figuring it out is simple…

Get a piece of paper, make 2 columns 1 marked “What I don’t want”, the other marked “What I do want”.

In the column marked “What I don’t want”, write all the things in your life right now that you dislike, makes you unhappy, ticks you, off all of it.

In the other column “What do I want”, write the opposite of the first column.

If you are broke – you want money


You can also write on a piece a paper “What do I want”. Read it every day. You will get cues, clues and inklings of what you really want.

It is important.

What you want is the foundation of your business and your life!

Do not take it lightly.

You are important and what you want is very important.

Do not make this hard!

Until tomorrow!

Lots of love!


I am Loretta Morrison, Canada’s Empire Creation Coach.  I work with female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear, get confident, get clients to build their Empires!

If you would like to see how I can help you and we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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