I have spent the last few days doing a lot of STINKING THINKING.

This is simply when your thinking is off in a very bad way and you just STOP doing all the things you want to do to grow your business.

More specifically, you have a conversation in your head that looks like this…

“What the hell do you think you are doing girl!?!”

“No one wants your stuff!”

“No one thinks you can do this!”

“You must be crazy!”

“Who would want to work with you?”

“You’re not good enough!”

And the list goes on!

Well…Get used to it!

This is normal and natural.  You will have this conversation often through the course of your business.

I have it often because I move quickly.

When you actually make a decision to start taking your business seriously and doing your business,

When you are growing,

When you are up-levelling in anyway,

It feels like the world is crashing down on you that everyone and everything is simply against you.

Knowing this is half the battle.

Becoming aware of your STINKING THINKING and that it will happen is half the battle.

Then conquering it is actually winning the battle.


The Universe is testing you to see you are truly ready for the next step in your business and life.

NEW LEVEL – NEW DEVIL is what they say.

Here is the really good News….YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Everyone one goes through this.   I go through it often!

So what do you do about it?

How do you conquer the STINKING THINKING crap and all the tests that come along with it?

Simple….Make a choice to keep moving!

Ask for the lessons to less painful and keep moving; read a book, learn something new but keep moving.

The bad phase will stop.

Unfortunately, it will happen again, and again and again.   Each time it will be easier to get through.

It does get easier each time because you are becoming AWARE of what the stinking thinking looks like for you.

You are learning how to deal with you and what works for you.

The truly beautiful thing about all this is…

On the other side of all of it is PURE MAGIC!

New clients appear
New opportunities appear
Your business grows
You grow

So look the STINKING THINKING square in the face – YOU

Tell yourself to smarten up



Your Tribe will love you for it.

You will love yourself for it.

The Magic will begin.

Lots of Love!

PS.  If your not a part of my group Epic Empire Creation for Coaches and Service Based Biz Babes.  Take a minute to join me.

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