Environment Changed My Business Overnight –Part 1

Sometimes we get stuck in our businesses or sometimes we just get lost.

That is exactly how I was when I went searching for something simple that would change my business quickly. I didn’t want a get rich quick scheme but something I could do that would have long lasting results and changes that I could see quickly.

At that time I just needed to see some results as it felt like I was just barely moving and I knew the answer was out there.

Environment changed my life literally over night.

This is the simplest and easiest way to see changes in your business fast.

And it only takes you to do it.

When you speak of environment people think it is where you live, work or the place you are physically at in that moment.

Environment is so much more than that.

It consists of 4 things….


I’m going to talk about each one in 4-parts as I usually do this as a 1 hour speaking gig.


You have to take a look at you and how you are being. That means how you react to situations, money, people, bad things that happen your life, good things that happen in your life – All of it.

Simply – Do you like the person you are?

If you do great! If you don’t change it!

More closely…

How are you in your business?
Are you working in fear?
Running your business in fear?
How do you treat your money?
Do you respect your money?
Do your respect the people you come in contact with?
Do you respect yourself?

All of these things can be changed immediately!

And they are important!

How you are acting or being in your life or business is exactly the type of client you will attract.

Like attracts Like.

If you want your clients to pay you on time, you have to pay your bills on time.

If you want potential clients to show up and on time, you have to show up for your appointments and on time
If you want to be successful in your business and your life, ACT LIKE YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL!

This tidbit is a big problem most people … FEAR and being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Fear will always be with you. You will always be uncomfortable.

Get used to it.

Simply tell fear that you know it is hear but it has to take a back seat to your life and to who you are. Fear can come along but do not let it be the driver of YOU and your life.

Tell fear to get in the back seat and SHUT UP!

Until next tomorrow!
Lots of Love!
Canada’s Empire Creation Coach

P.S. If you haven’t joined me in my facebook group, Epic Empire Creation for Coaches & Serviced Based Biz Babes take a moment now to join me. I just started a 5 Day Believe in Yourself challenge that will help you get more clear about you.



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