Environment Changed My Business Overnight –Part 2


You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with.

This is a popular saying among a few coaches I have followed over the years.

If you take a look at who your closest business friends are and the money they make, or how they are doing in business, 9 times out of ten the saying is true.

Who you surround yourself with on a daily basis affects you and your business.

If you hang around Negative Nellie all the time building a positive life and a great business will be difficult.

You want to surround yourself with people who are a lot like you and who will support you in your journey, no matter what that is.

I have moved away from many of the people I first use to hang out with in business.

I was growing but they were not.

You will leave people behind and that is ok.

That is the way it is supposed to be.


This is the hardest for women…

Your spouse, your friends, and your family do not have to support you!

Tough I know but it is the truth and very contradictory of what I said above.

They do not have support you or believe in you!

But …

You do!

You have to believe in yourself!

You have to ignore them and go forward.

A lot of women I have met in business where I currently live quit their day job and do nothing in their business. They expect their husband or partner to support them financially.

If you want other people to support and believe in you start making money in your business.

Tell your husband, partner or spouse you will be responsible for these bills.


Start making money!

Show them and most importantly YOURSELF that you can make you can make your business a success.

Pay attention to who you surround yourself with; friends, family, business friends and even your clients.

This one small shift will change your life and your business.

The people and clients who you truly want will start to show up.

Until next tomorrow!
Lots of Love!

P.S. If you haven’t joined me in my facebook group, Epic Empire Creation for Coaches & Serviced Based Biz Babes, take a moment now to join me. I just started a 5 Day Believe in Yourself challenge that will help you get more clear about you.


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