Environment Changed My Business Overnight – Part 3


Now we can talk about your physical environment.

Your physical environment is so important to you creating things in your business.

You have to have the things around you that give you energy and keep you motivated.

This is everything from the cleanliness of your house, your office, closets, just about everything.

If these places are messes and chaotic then you will only think of this stuff. You will not be able to focus on the task at hand.

If these places are neat and organized – Congratulations.

Really, mine are!

To fix your physical environment take it one step at a time.

Start with your office.

Clean it

Remove anything that does not give you energy, old books, figures whatever does not serve you anymore.

But….don’t just remove it, replace it with something that gives you energy.

When you get rid of everything that does not give you energy and do not replace it, it represents lack.

We only want an abundance mindset and an abundant work space and home.

For me, I love flowers, real flowers. Every couple of weeks I put fresh flowers in my kitchen and office.

And I am currently redoing my office. It started with my sister building me a desk that I love and can work at instead of working at my kitchen table.

I replace things in my environment all the time.

In my home, office, my closet wherever I feel is necessary.

When your place is done they way you want it the creativity just comes through.

The right people come through!

The right ideas come through!

And most importantly….you feel really good about yourself and the work you are doing!

Until next tomorrow!
Lots of Love!

P.S. If you haven’t joined me in my facebook group, Epic Empire Creation for Coaches & Serviced Based Biz Babes take a moment now to join me. I just started a 5 Day Believe in Yourself challenge that will help you get more clear about you.


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