Environment Changed My Business Overnight –Part 4

Your Schedule

This is my most favorite piece of Environment.

This is the piece that will make you money.

Your schedule should be the Drill Sergeant of your life.


You should schedule everything!

Client work
Time off
Sales calls
Money generating activities
Your Learning
Networking events

Everything you do!


And this is a bit contradictory…

Your schedule also has to be flexible.

If the schedule you have made is not working for you then change it!

This is your business. You started it to do it your way.

Your business – Your Life – Your Way!

The thing about your schedule is it can make you money.

You can plan to make those sales calls.
You can plan to work with clients
You can plan to launch that new program
You can plan to do those money generating activities.

You essentially will not have to worry about making money in your business because you have made a plan to make money!

Here is a very popular saying we used in the Army.

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

Not much we did in the Army did we ever fail at because we planned it.

Also, we used “Max Flex”.

If it was not working “We built a bridge and got over it!” We changed our plan.

Spend time in your business to make a plan.

Use your schedule to help keep you accountable to doing it.

Until next tomorrow!
Lots of Love!

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