One day you stepped out into the world and started your own business. You truly believed it was going to easy. You got up every day, went to a day job and made money for someone else.

You figured I can do this for myself.

You had lots of confidence about what you were doing.

Probably not quite sure exactly how it was going to happen but you had a vision.

You were confident!

You were excited!

You were ready!

No one told you it was going to take work, hard work, and work every day!

Amongst all this work you got lost in the work and your business.

Most importantly you for about YOU and what you wanted.

The most important person in your business is YOU. Your business starts and ends with YOU.

So what you want is VERY important!


Four very small words but most women I come across cannot answer the question.

When I ask this question I get 3 responses: “I don’t know”, “I want financial freedom and time freedom”, or an off the cuff what that person thinks I want to hear response.

“I don’t know”. A lot of people really don’t know what they want. As women we are too busy taking care of everyone else that we have lost what we really want.

You do know. You just haven’t really put a lot of thought in it.
Figuring it out is simple…

Get a piece of paper, make 2 columns 1 marked “What I don’t want”, the other marked “What I do want”.

In the column marked “What I don’t want”, write all the things in your life right now that you dislike, makes you unhappy, ticks you, off all of it.

In the other column “What do I want”, write the opposite of the first column.

If you are broke – you want money


You can also write on a piece a paper “What do I want”. Read it every day. You will get cues, clues and inklings of what you really want.

It is important.

What you want is the foundation of your business and your life!

Do not take it lightly.

You are important and what you want is very important.

Do not make this hard!

Until tomorrow!

Lots of love!


I am Loretta Morrison, Canada’s Empire Creation Coach.  I work with female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear, get confident, get clients to build their Empires!

If you would like to see how I can help you and we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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