Mindset is one of those things that used to stump me when I first started out in business.

I remember being at a networking event where another coach was speaking on mindset.  She asked all of us what we thought mindset was and she wanted any other coaches in the audience to speak up.

I said nothing, simply because I didn’t know what mindset was.

Mindset is simply what you believe a situation will be like.

If you think starting your business will be hard then it will be hard.  If you think it will be easy then it will be easy.

Our mindset comes from our belief systems.  We learn to belief things from our experiences and our environment.

The most difficult mindset issues women have is about money!

And it is the hardest mindset issue to change!


It can be changed!

The easiest way to change your mindset is by JOURNALING.

Writing about how you feel about something is very powerful.  Writing the truth about something is very powerful.

It is called the Law of the Pen.  I call it the Power of Pen.

The Law of the Pen is simply this…what we write comes to fruition quicker than anything else we will do.

With that in mind…

If you journal daily about what you want, your fears, what you want to do today or tomorrow things will happen much faster.

I also want to add that journaling is just not about getting a pretty book and writing all the perfect things in life.

It is about getting that pretty book and writing everything about your life, the good and the bad.

Use your journal for everything; your hopes, dreams, fears and anything else you are called to do.

Use it to change your mindset.

Most importantly….

Have fun!

Until tomorrow…
Lots of love!
Loretta Morrison
Canada’s Empire Creation Coach


I am Loretta Morrison, Canada’s Empire Creation Coach.  I work with female Coaches and Serviced Based Entrepreneurs to get clear, get confident, get clients to build their Empires!

If you would like to see how I can help you and to see we are a fit to work together click on the link below to schedule a Strategy Session

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