Starting out in business there is so much to do!
So much to learn!
So many things you thing you need before you can even make a sale!
Well, honestly there are very few things you actually need.
You do not need…
a website
a business card
fancy marketing funnels
fancy sales funnels
Or whatever else you may think you need. These things are nice to have’s once you are calling your desired clients and income.
Here are the things that you do need.
1. YOU
Obviously! You wouldn’t have a business if you did not run it. Here is what I mean by this and what not a lot of coaches are telling you.
You are good enough
You do have everything need inside you right now to start your business or make a move in your business
You are worthy
Your business idea or new idea is important and needed
Yes, you can do this.
2. You need to know what you want
I talk to so many women all over the world who really do not know what they want. They spend so much time taking care of everyone else that they forget that they can have what they want.
Now, you will hear conflicting stories about this. Some coaches will say you have to be completely clear about this. Really you don’t. You just have to have an idea.
When I started in business 10 years ago all I knew is that I wanted to help people. I didn’t know how or who or what service I was going to offer.
None of that.
As I took starting doing different things in my business – I gained clarity. As I learned new things – I gained clarity. The key in this one is to start taking action. One small step at a time and the way or how will show up.
3. Mindset
Every day you have to work on your mindset including your money mindset.
I completely believe in the Power of the Pen. It is really called the Law of Pen which states whatever you write will come to fruition much quicker. So I journal! I have a special book that I bought for all my thoughts. I literally write my life to existence, my fears to squashed, all my whacked out thinking to be set right.
There are many ways to work on your mindset besides journaling; visualization, meditating, vision boards, Tapping/EFT, many different ways to work on your mindset.
You just have to figure out what works best for you.
You also have to work on your money mindset. I do separate work each day on this as well.
How you feel about your money is very important
You have to work out the kinks to start loving your money and respecting it or you will be broke forever.
4. Messaging and Content
Each day you have to share with your tribe your message and your content. If you do not how will they know if you can help them.
Share it everywhere; your blog, Facebook group, other Facebook group, email list, LinkedIn, Instagram, just about anywhere your peeps are hanging out.
You can also comment on posts, help people, offer free stuff, offer a free consultation.
The point of all this is to build your like, know, trust factor. People get to know YOU and if you can help them so they will buy from you.
5. Sales
Now this is where a lot of coaches fall short.
There is absolutely no problem in business that a few sales will not fix.
If you want to make money in your business or even have a business you have to sell.
And if you are wondering what you can sell every single day….well…your 1:1 services, an intensive, a strategy session, a VIP day, create a product that is low end and put it on autopilot. These are just a few to help you get started.
Focus on these things first before getting a fancy website or any of those other bells and whistles.
Lots of Love!
Loretta Morrison
Business Strategist

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